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Growing up on the coast and an avid lover of the ocean, I was inspired to create a product line created on the concept of nature.  Frustrated with the lack of results and ingredients when shopping for products, I decided to pursue creating my own natural bar soap products handcrafted with natural and organic sea-based ingredients.  The ocean has always been known to have incredible therapeutic benefits, from the calming sound of waves to soothing the skin.  I was inspired to create Après Sea for everyone to experience these skin soothing qualities in their daily bathing routine.  My professional career started in the construction industry, which I thought for many years would be my indefinite career path.  I later realized that my passions were elsewhere, skincare and bath products have always been something I was passionate about, the quality of the products, the packaging, I was always infatuated by all of it.  Not only have I had a passion for skincare products,  I have also experienced skin issues for many years which inspired me to create Luxtanicals.  Purchasing many different bars of soap and body washes over the years, I continually experienced painful sensitized skin.  I found it to be tough to find natural soap products that made my skin feel hydrated and refreshed. 

After long days at the office, I would go home and work on creating soap formulas in my free time.  When I started creating my own custom soap formulas, I decided they would contain only the finest quality of natural and organic ingredients.  When I was finally able to try my own bath soap, I started to see the positive results that it had on my skin. Family and friends also had positive feedback and started to see significant results as my soap had become a part of their daily bathing routine.  


Following my true passion and always having an entrepreneurial spirit, I created Luxtanicals.  Taking a leap of faith, I decided to turn my ideas and dream into reality, creating a natural bath product that I truly believe in.  


I’m excited for you to explore our natural soap products and hope you enjoy them.  All the best and thank you for being a part of Luxtanicals.

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